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Our mission since 1982


Teh Lin was founded and established in October, 1982 by Mr Yeo Show Kau and Mr Quek Seow Yang. We always bear in mind the importance of keeping up with advance technology, material and design to better serve our clients across the board. Below are the products we have introduced:-

1982 - Modular Prosthetic System
1985 - German Plastic Material for Custom Socket Design
1990 - Carbon Fibre from USA : Energy Storing Foot
1992 - Electronic Hand with Micro-sensors Control System
1995 - Silicone Liner Prosthetic which are comfortable, soft and resistant to pressure to prevent bruises
1996 - All types of Scoliosis Braces
1998 - OA Braces
2000 - Silicone Cosmetic Prostheses that look so real
2001 - Pin Lock System Prosthesis
2002 - Waterproof Prosthetic Leg
2003 - Energy Storing Foot with Flexible Adjustment, Silent Lite Lock System
2005 - Above Knee and Below Knee Shock Absorber
2010 - Mas Design Socket
2014 - Super Light Foot System
2015 - Dynamic Safety Control Knee Joint
2019 - 3D Scoliosis Braces


Quanlity services and excellent commitments

30 + years experience

We have a professional Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist (CPO) and Technician. We're team regularly technical exchanges and participates in industry discussions, as well as take part in the exhibitions to offer the best quality service to patients.

ISO Certified

We're ISO certified for the ISO 13485: 2016 Medical Device Quality Management.

The most comprehensive range of service

Our services cover the whole of Malaysia and provide a wide range of services and solutions to empower patients to regain their ability to return to work and daily activities.


We using the most advanced products and manufacturing techniques available today and integrate proven technologies and products from international brands in our service.

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ISO Certified